Registration for the 2018 season is coming round soon and once again it is an online process, including payment.

No more paper forms to fill out or queuing up !


This year we are including the weekly match fees into the registration. So no more weekly match fees to collect or pay.

In order to register you will need your Football Federation Australia (FFA) Number and password.

Or you can call the FFA MyFootball support line on (02)8020- 4199.

The support line is open…

When you’re ready click the “REGISTER NOW button !

Coordinators will be appointed for each grade. These volunteers will try to coordinate all the players into teams and arrange coaches and managers from amongst the parent group.

As far as possible the coordinators will try to accommodate the wishes of players but this is not always possible for a range of factors…

Panania Diggers Soccer Club cannot guarantee that your child will get to play in their first choice team

Players should register as soon as possible. Numbers are limited at the club.


Playing & Registration Fees


Registration Costs


Click here for details of Joeys

Grade 6 to 11


Grade 12 - 18


Over 18 (student)


Over 18 (non-student)


In 2018 we will not be charging weekly Match Fees as we have done in the past. Instead, we have incorporated the estimated Match Fees for the season into our Registration Fees which is why our fees are higher than last year.

All referee payments will be made by the club, we will provide further details as to how this will be done prior to commencement of the season.


A family discount of $20 is available for second and subsequent players of each family.

NSW Government will provide $100 vouchers to encourage children’s participation in sport. These vouchers can be used to reduce the cost of registering your child for soccer.

What you need to know

What you need to do at the NSW Government website

What you need to do when you have the voucher(s)

  1. Go to the “My Football Club” website to register player(s) as you may have done over the last few years.
  2. Register in the normal way.
  3. Part of the registration will now ask “Have you an Active Kids voucher ?
  4. If you have voucher number enter the details and complete registration.
  5. Example – club registration for Juniors in 2018 is $160 (see attachment re 2018 Registration Fees).  You now only play $60 to the club - which you will do online at the time of registration.

Panania RSL Youth Soccer Club has already registered with the program as a Provider of sport services.

Please note:

Payment: is by credit/debit card (Visa or MasterCard only) online at the time you register.

A player is not registered until the registration has been paid and has been accepted by the club.

This means players who have not paid their registration in full are NOT registered and are…

Photo: All players (retrunring and new ) will need to upload a photo


Proof of Identity: New players to the club will be required to show some form of proof of identit… birth certificate, passport or driver’s licence.

Committee Members will be available to assist with registration at the Kelso Clubhouse at the following times