Field Duty Roster – Sat 4 & Sun 5 July 2020

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Field Duty involves the running of the Canteen, BBQ and setting up fields (nets, flags benches and bins) and Ground Marshal Duties.

These volunteer duties are shared amongst all teams throughout the season. They are vital parts of running a community soccer club.

The Kelso Roster for Canteen BBQ and Field Duty for

Saturday 04 July 2020

Team Start Finish
7 Green Vigenser 7:00am 8:30am
7 Yellow Kastrounis 7:00am 8:30am
12/2 Khoury 7:00am 8:30am
14/2 Tait 8:30am 10:00am
17/18 Wedgewood 10:00am 11:30am
AAM4 Hassett 11:30am 1:30pm
O35B McFadden 1:30pm 3:30pm
PL1 Reserves Loy 3:30pm close


Sunday 05 July 2020

Team Start Finish
11W Weir 7:00am 8:30am
17/18W Bentley 8:30am 10:45am
13W Puckeridge 10:45am 12:30pm
AAW2A Carroll 12:30pm 2:30pm
Committee 2:30pm close


Canteen & Field Duty

The coming roster for Canteen BBQ and Field Duty

Player's Code of Conduct

Our players are representatives of our community. All players must abide by the code of conduct

Parent / Spectator Code of Conduct

All parents and spectators at training, matches or other club events must abide by the code of conduct

Working With Children Checks

All coaches, managers and club officials must have a current Working With Children Check