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Register for the 2021 season with

Panania Diggers Soccer Club 


Panania Diggers Soccer Club (SC) is a community based, volunteer run, amateur soccer club. Our home ground is Kelso Park South located at the corner of Marco and Childs St Panania.

Panania Diggers SC has teams for men and women, boys and girls. Age groups range from Under 6 to All Age, Premier League, Over 35 and Over 45 teams.

We compete in the Bankstown District Amateur Football Association. Lower age groups are non-competitive but do play a “home and away” format at various soccer fields around Bankstown. Older grades (12 and above) play in a regulated competition including finals and semi-finals.

The Joeys is a non-competitive game format for those kids too young to play the Under 6 Grade. From 8:00am each Saturday during the season kids gather at Kelso Park to learn basic soccer skills in a fun, inclusive game-based format.


Registration is via the “Playfootball” website.

To register for Under 6 through to Over 45 click the button below


If you have any queries regarding how to register you can

  1. Go to the Football NSW Help Pages
  2. Contact the Football NSW Help Desk – email  or phone (02)8880-7983 (Mon to Fri 9:00am to 9:00pm, Sat 10:00am to 3:00pm)
  3. Email me 


Cost and Active Kids Voucher

There is ONE FEE for the entire season which covers registration costs, insurance, match fees, referee fees and ground fees. No more to pay.

All new players from Under 6 to Under 11 receive free shorts and socks


Age Group Cost
Joeys $60
Under 6 to Under 9 $160
Under 10 to Under 11 $160
Under 12 to Under 18 $200
Under 21, Seniors, All Age, O35, O45 $300
Premier League $350
Student in Premier League, Student in Under 21 $250
Family Discount, after 1st player. Immediate family only $20

New Players Under 11 and below receive a free pair of shorts and socks.


Family discount – A discount of $20 for the 2nd and every subsequent family member from the same family is available to members. We encourage participation of all families members in our club.


Active Kids $100 voucher – Active Kids is a program run by the NSW Government. The NSW Government will provide a $100 voucher to parents/guardians of school enrolled children. The $100 voucher can be used for registration and participation costs for sport and fitness activities.

Click here for information on Active Kids vouchers

To see a short video on how to apply for an ACTIVE KIDS voucher click here.

Struggling to pay up front? Please contact us via email  and we’ll work something out.


Joeys  3 – 5 year olds.

Grades 6 to 21 inclusive –A Player’s eligible age is determined by the age they attain in the current calendar year. A Player may not register or participate in an age group which is more than two (2) years above the age they attain in the current calendar year.

Over 35 – must have had their 35th birthday at the time of registration.

Over 45 – any player registering for the O45 competition will have attained the age of 45.


Girls and Women’s Football

Panania Diggers SC competes in Girls and Women’s competitions from the ages of Under 6 through to All Age Women’s. Wehave specially appointed Ambassadors for Women’s football Sandra DeJesus and Sue Curtis. They can be reached via email on   to answer any questions related to girls and women’s football.


Once I’ve Registered…. then what ?

Registrations will continue to be accepted through January and early February.

In February and March the Committee, Grade Coordinators and Coaches & Managers will be

  • Organising the kids (and grown ups) into their teams and the grade in which they’ll be playing.
  • Arranging a Coach & a Manager for each team
  • issuing Jerseys to each team (jerseys are free for players to use but remain the property of Panania Diggers SC and have to be returned at the end of the season through your coach or Manager)
  • issuing training balls and other equipment
  • allocating training spots for teams at Kelso

…it’s a busy time.

The competition proper will not kick off until after Easter, on the weekend of 10 & 11 April.

Your coach and/or Manager will contact you to introduce themselves and advise of training and matches during late February or March


Becoming a Volunteer Coach or Manager

Being a coach or Manager for your child’s soccer team sounds daunting, but it isn’t. It is a rewarding and special time to play an active role in your child’s growth and development. Kids learn so much from playing team sports and to be able to participate in that together with your child  and their friends is something both you and your child will cherish.

Coaches and Managers are actively supported throughout the season by the Soccer Club, we have a training coordinator and we have information nights where you can come along and ask any questions.

Each team will require a coach and a manager, and these are primarily drawn from the parents of the players. While these two people are the main points of contact for information to and from the Soccer Club, the management of the team is really the responsibility of all players and parents involved.

All parents/players are responsible for…

  • the culture and conduct of the team on and off the field. We have a Player’s Code of Conduct and a Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct and they should be abided by.
  • Washing of team jerseys
  • half-time oranges
  • turning up to games and training on time
  • being respectful to each other and then opposition

Volunteering at the Club

Each team will be rostered a couple of times a year to perform  “field duty” throughout the year. This includes,

  • staffing the canteen and BBQ.
  • Assisting with field set-up (goal nets, flags etc) at the start of the match-days or and pack at the end of match-days.
  • Field Marshal

It’s only for a couple of hours, a couple of time a year. You’ll be well supported and instructed and it’s a great way to meet people around the club.

If you have any questions please drop us a line at

Canteen & Field Duty

The coming roster for Canteen BBQ and Field Duty

Player's Code of Conduct

Our players are representatives of our community. All players must abide by the code of conduct

Parent / Spectator Code of Conduct

All parents and spectators at training, matches or other club events must abide by the code of conduct

Working With Children Checks

All coaches, managers and club officials must have a current Working With Children Check