Return To Training Guidelines

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Return to Training Guidelines

Football NSW has issued a number of DRAFT guidelines for a return to TRAINING ONLY.  As of Saturday 23 May 2020, no guidelines (DRAFT or otherwise) have been issued, or decision made, as to whether the 2020 Season will resume at all, or whether Panania Diggers Soccer Club would be part of it. Further more the Committee of Panania Diggers Soccer Club has yet to make a decision on when or if there will be a return to training in the 2020 season.

If the decision was taken to return to training it would be under the following Football NSW DRAFT Guidelines…

Before Attending Training

No-one may attend any training if…

  • They have been unwell
  • The have been displaying symptoms of COVID-19
  • They have been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19.
  • They are at higher risk, such as elderly and those pre-existing medical conditions

At Training

Conditions and requirements of training…

  • No more than 20 people can train together.
  • Social Distancing is to be implemented, 1.5 metres.
  • A written record of who attended training must be kept, email that record to .
  • No-use of the clubhouse or change rooms.
  • No drills or games where there is any contact are permitted.
  • Only those essential to training are permitted to attend (players, coaches etc). Spectators are not permitted.
  • Players must not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to training commencing, and if arriving by car, remain in the car until 5 minutes before training to avoid gatherings.
  • Players are to come already prepared to train – changing rooms will not be in use.
  • Players are to bring their own drink bottles and they are to be clearly labelled. No sharing of drink bottles is to be permitted.
  • Players are to leave the venue immediately once their training session has concluded.
  • Do not spit.
  • Do not share drink bottles.
  • Do not share pens or clipboards
  • Do not share training bibs.
  • Cough and sneeze etiquette at all times

At Kelso

  • All spaces to be cleaned with disinfectant regularly
  • Hand sanitizer is to be used
  • Toilets will be open.
  • Clubhouse will be closed.
  • Canteen will be closed.
  • BBQ will be closed.
  • No hanging around at Kelso for a beer after training.



Canteen & Field Duty

The coming roster for Canteen BBQ and Field Duty

Player's Code of Conduct

Our players are representatives of our community. All players must abide by the code of conduct

Parent / Spectator Code of Conduct

All parents and spectators at training, matches or other club events must abide by the code of conduct

Working With Children Checks

All coaches, managers and club officials must have a current Working With Children Check