Update on 2022 Season Plans

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Greetings to our Panania Diggers soccer family, I trust you are all surviving this long time lockdown. Obviously lots of our plans and programming have been thrown into disarray and we’ve been holding off an update while we get a better idea of how things might pan out. Here’s a rundown of the major issues:


  1. Originally scheduled for Sunday 17 October, fair to say we won’t be able to have a meaningful day if at all on that date.
  2. However we still want to follow tradition, so we will find a date where at least teams can collect their:
    1. End of season gift – for all players and officials.
    2. Gift Bags –for all juniors up to Grade 16.
    3. Service Awards – for players and officials with 10 years’ service and upwards in 5 year intervals.
    4. Year Book –will be a very reduced version without Team Reports etc, but we will still produce an online version and provide a hard copy for each team.


  1. To get all these things to our teams we will most likely get everything together in the clubhouse, and set a timetable for our coaches & managers to come down and collect the items for your teams.  At the same time you can return your jerseys, bibs etc – all nicely washed and folded of course! Hopefully we can do this late October/early November.


  1.  Originally scheduled for 21 September, we have pushed back to 30 November to give us time to get people there and understand more of what next year may bring.
  2. This will double as an information night where we can update everyone on likely plans for next season and, restrictions permitting, possibly even a chance to have a drink and some pizza!



In recognition of the value lost to players who paid full registrations for the 2021 season, only for the season to be abandoned beyond our control, Panania Diggers Soccer Club has committed to reducing registration fees for all returning and new players who play for the club in the 2022 season.


BDAFA have generously agreed to a discount on registration fees for the 2022 season for clubs that reduce their registration fees accordingly for 2022. Of course we are passing that on to all players registering next year, and have gone further to reduce all registrations over and above the discount provided by BDAFA as a thank you to 2021 players for their patience, and as an incentive for new players to join our great club in 2022.


Below is our schedule of fees:

Age Groups 2021 Registration Fees  2022 Registration Fees Effective cost (with Active Kids Voucher)
Mini Roos (5 and Under) $60.00 free $0.00
Juniors 5 – 12 $160.00 $100.00 $0.00
Juniors 13 – 18 $200.00 $100.00 $0.00
Seniors $300.00 $200.00 n/a
Premier League $350.00 $250.00 n/a

In effect, all  junior players can register for free with the use of the Active Kids voucher, and all seniors receive a $100 discount on the fees paid in 2021. There is now no cost to join our fun and developmental “Joey’s” program we have for ages 5 and under.

We are also looking to obtain sponsors for each team/grade to provide players with shorts and socks for free as part of the package – a usual cost of $45 per player. Jerseys are, of course, provided for free.

With this level of discount and incentive, no further discounts on fees will be available for multiple family member registrations or students.

All registrations and payments will again be completed online for your convenience through the PlayFootball system, and you will be able to register from 1st January, 2022. Keep an eye out for the link we will post closer to the time.

We will also be conducting Registration Days on the 22nd and 29th of January in our clubrooms at Kelso Park South, for those that have further questions or need assistance with the registration process.

So don’t hesitate when it comes to registration time next year! Come and join the biggest club in the District, enjoy your football and be a part of the family!



We’re here to answer any questions you have and to hear any suggestions for improving our club. But don’t ask us whether players will need to be vaccinated to play, that is in the hands of far greater powers than us!

Yours in lockdown

Bob Bell


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